PESHAWAR, 16 July: Pashto drama highlighting the significance of education released, Razaee Chay School Ta Zo (Let’s go to school), here today.

Written by Fareedullah Shah, the drama was released by Khyber CD House, starring Zardad Bulbul, Tariq Jamal, Abid Gumriyani, Aini Khan and Irfan Khan. The issue of literacy was discussed in the drama in a lighter tone.

Talking to TNN, the director of the drama, Irshad Husain, said that education is the fundamental rights of every child and we tried to create awareness about the significance of education through this drama.

“As it is evident from its name [let’s go to school], the message of the drama is enroll kids in schools. Hundreds of thousands of children are deprived of education in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. We put are best foot forward in this drama to create awareness about education so that our children turn into good citizens of this country instead of becoming terrorists and corrupt members of the society. It is not only the duty of the parents to get their children educated but also of the society and State.”