KHAR, 23 April: The political administration of Bajaur Agency has decided to give temporary permits to drivers who do not possess driving licences.

Political Agent Muhammad Yahya Akhunzada has opened a permit office in Khar, the main town of Bajaur Agency. The political agent said there is ban on juvenile driving and driving without licence in the area. He said the drivers who don’t possess driving licences should obtain a six-month permit from the permit office immediately and make driving licence within six months otherwise strict action will be taken against them.

The local people have commended the political administration for establishing driving permit office in Khar.

“Traffic accidents routinely occurred in Bajaur in the past. Now a very good law has been introduced to make driving permits compulsory. Only skilful drivers will obtain driving permits now. We also demand opening of a permanent driving licence office in Khar,” a local tribesman told TNN.

“Only adult and skilful drivers will now obtain driving permits. It will reduce traffic accidents and facilitate the people,” another local person said.


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