Misbahuddin Utmani

PESHAWAR: A drug addict in Peshawar says when time came to serve his parents, he indulged in unnecessary activities, left government job and went to United Arab Emirates, but he was also ousted from job there.

Twenty-four years old drug addict Nisar Ahmed, who originally hails from Jhelum district of Punjab, can be seen nowadays wandering here and there in Peshawar in search of food and help (in shape of money) to buy drugs for him.

“When I came back from the UAE, I started quarrelling with my family and left the house and came to Peshawar and indulged into drugs use again. Now I have realized my mistake,” Nisar said.

He said life was good when he was helping his parents as a government servant. Then his friends advised him to go abroad and problems started. He said he made a blunder by agreeing with his friends and ignoring his parents’ advice.

Nisar said he went to Dubai, but was ousted from job due to which he had to come back. But soon he started quarreling with his family and went to Peshawar. He said he had left drugs use, but indulged in it again as he was unable to cope with stress due to prevailing circumstances.

Although, he said, many people in Peshawar are good and they care for others, but still the number of drug addicts is increasing in the city and addicts are seen taking different drugs on roads and footpaths. He said he was living a respectable life, but now he has become a beggar due to bad company.

According to a UN report, about 350 million people aged between 15 to 64 years are indulging in drugs use in the world, while the number of such people in Pakistan is 7.6 million.

Nisar said people are not giving him any job because of his drug addiction, but he has decided that he will go back only after changing himself. He said drugs use is the worst thing which separates a person from his parents and siblings. He said he will only face his family now after changing himself.

Drugs use is on the rise in KP due a variety of reasons, mainly because of poverty, joblessness and social problems. Nisar advised the youth to avoid bad company and only trust their parents and siblings before taking any important step.

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