Wood Art story pic by Arshad Khan (1)
A skilled artisan working at his shop in Peshawar. Photo by Mr Arshad Khan

PESHAWAR, October 10: Though the poor law and order situation has affected several sectors, those associated with wooden artwork in the provincial capital Peshawar have also suffered the brunt of it.

Several shopkeepers in Gadi Khana locality told TNN that their families had been associated with the business of making wooden decoration for hundreds of years. They say foreign tourists used to purchase pieces of wooden artwork from them and then showcase the same at exhibition in their countries in the past.

However, the poor law and order situation is nowadays an impediment to tourism and their business and they no longer have contacts with their foreign clients.

A shopkeeper said there were 40 shops in the area in the past, but that now there are only a few, and those are also looking to switch over to other businesses.

A shopkeeper said, “Our business has been weak for the last several years. In the past, even foreigners would buy our products.”

Another skilled worker also said they were not making enough profits in the business now. “If I got adequate money, I will start another business soon,” he added.


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