LOWER DIR, 27 August: The students of girls’ primary school in Ghwara Bandah area of Samarbagh in Lower Dir have been deprived of attending their annual examinations as their school remains dysfunctional.

The school’s watchman said two out of four teachers at the school were transferred and the remaining two teachers don’t come to school for their duty due to which the only girls’ school in the area is closed since long.

Tehseenullah, husband of one of the teachers at the school, said Circle SDO Kabal Khan has approved leaves of the female teachers.

Ghwara Bandah councillor Umar Muhammad said he has complained to Member Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly Aizazul Mulk Afkari and the Education Department about the poor state of the school, but no one took action. He said many girls have left the school, while many missed the annual exams.

The people of the area have called upon the government to take notice of the matter. They threatened that they will use the school as cattle barn as mark of protest if the matter was not resolved.