BARA, 23 May: Despite modern and latest inventions in crockery industry, dwellers of Khyber Agency still use earthenware, especially in summer season.

Talking to TNN, they said that one hand the usage of earthen pots are considered to be a tradition of the Holy Prophet (SalAllaho Alehay Wa-Aalihee Wasallum), and they keep the water cold for a long time, on the other.

“In the past, tribal women would fetch water from the nearby water reservoirs in earthen pitchers, which have now been replaced by metal pots, because comparatively they are not that heavy. In addition, earthen pots used to be very inexpensive but now their rate is increasing every year.

“Earthen pitchers are far better than water coolers, as they keep the water cool for a longer period. Our houses are far from the market, this is why we cannot rush to bring ice to present cool water to our guests, which is why we use earthen pitchers,” said a resident.

On the other hand, a local dealing in earthenware said that demand of clay pottery is continuously increasing.


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