PESHAWAR: The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) on Friday has issued the amended electoral rolls for upcoming elections election for 16 Khyber Pakhtunkhwa assembly seats in tribal districts of the province.

The electoral roll was issued by the ECP on Friday, having complete details of voters in each provincial constituency. As per the ECP electoral roll, some 2,801,834 registered voters including 1,671,305 male and 1,130,529 female will exercise the democratic right to elect members of the provincial assembly on July 2 election.

In Bajaur tribal district from PK-100 to PK- 102, as many as 534,003 registered voters including 314,644 male and 219,359 female voters will cast their votes in three Constituencies.  Similarly, on two seats of Mohmand district – PK103 and PK-104 – total 280,499 voters will cast their votes including 175,218 male and 105,281 female voters.

For three seats of Khyber district – PK-105 to PK-107 – as many as 532,087 voters will cast their votes including 301,015 male and 231,072 female voters. Total 360,741 voters will cast their votes for three seats –PK-108 to PK-109 – of Kurram district out of which as many as 204,818 male and 155,923 female voters will cast their votes.

In PK-110, a constituency of Orakzai district, a total of 196,436 registered voters including 110,741 male and 85,695 female voters will elect lawmaker. In two constituencies of PK-111 and PK 112 of North Waziristan district, a total of 320,177 voters including 210,656 male and 109,521 female voters will exercise their right to vote.

In South Waziristan, the election will be held on two seats included PK-113 and PK-114. As many as 386,829 voters including 237,769 male and 149,060 female voters will cast votes in favour of their candidates. On the seat of PK 115 former Frontier Regions (FRs), a total of 191,062 registered voters including 116,444 male and 74,618 female voters will cast their votes.

The ECP has already announced the election schedule and currently, it accepts nomination papers for 16 provincial assembly seats. The election will be held on July 2.


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