PESHAWAR: Preparations for the local government elections in merged tribal districts are continuing and monitoring for the delimitation of constituencies of the village and neighbourhood councils has been completed.

In this regard, different teams of the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) have conducted visits to the tribal districts. It has been told that the initial list of delimitation of constituencies will be completed by August 20 and final notification in this regard in this regard will be issued by October 13.

Sources said the ECP has formed monitoring teams for delimitation of constituencies for local government elections Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Teams of the ECP also visited the merged tribal districts to monitor the delimitations in village and neighbourhood councils.

In this regard, the ECP has formed seven teams of senior officials for seven sub-divisions of KP. These teams visited all the districts for monitoring purpose from August 05-10 and then sent their reports to the Provincial Election Commission.

According to the schedule, the initial lists regarding delimitations will be compiled by August 20. For public recommendations and objections, the lists of initial delimitations will be published on August 21. The public will be given opportunity to submit objections and suggestions with the Delimitation Authority from August 22 to September 06. Regional Election Commissioners have been given the powers of Delimitation Authority.

Decision on the public complaints and suggestions will be made on October 05. The Delimitation Authority will inform the delimitation committees about its decisions on October 12. The final list of delimitations will be issued on October 13.

After merger of erstwhile Fata with KP, now the local government elections will also be held in merged tribal districts. The first major task after the merger was ensuring provincial elections in tribal districts which were arranged successfully and representatives of these areas are now sitting in the KP Assembly first time in the country’s history. Now as the coronavirus pandemic is on its way out in Pakistan and all the sectors are gradually being reopened, preparations have also been started for local government elections. Political observers believe the local government elections in merged districts will transfer the powers to grassroots level in a true sense.