PESHAWAR: My daughter is usually happy when she comes back from school, but she was not so happy when she returned home yesterday. I asked Amama why she looks upset, she told me that schoolteachers don’t take classes properly and they say exams will be conducted only in four subjects, and all students will pass even if they are unable to attend exam.

13-year-old Amama is currently in eighth grade and she was promoted last year without an exam and this year too, she missed most of her classes due to coronavirus lockdown. Now when the schools are open briefly and it is feared that the educational institutions may face another closure due to another surge in corona cases during its fourth wave in Pakistan, teachers are still not teaching students ideally and they are just killing time.

My daughter, who often takes top positons in exams, is also sad because she was not given any position last year and all students were declared passed. Now the school timings have been reduced by the KP government due to extreme hot weather and students go to school at 7:00am and return at 10:00am. Students complain that they are not taught much to make up for the lost time. They fear that if the situation continued like this, they would not be able to learn much, students may lose interest in studies and it will affect the overall education situation in KP and rest of the country.

A large number of students have narrated the same story about their schools. Literacy rate in our country is already low, particularly in less developed areas, while coronavirus lockdowns have further aggravated the situation. Parents send their children to schools for education, not for wasting their time. So it is required that the concerned authorities take notice of the situation.

Despite clear decline in the standard of education, the private education institutions never waste a second to demand full tuition, transportation and other fees from parents. The regulatory authorities of private educational institutions have abandoned the parents and no action has been witnessed against private schools.


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