A customer visits a vendor dealing in second hand clothes--Photo by Muhammad Arshad.

PESHAWAR, 11 July: Preparations of the upcoming Eidul Fitr is gaining momentum in the provincial metropolis as people throng various bazaars and shopping plazas for Eid shopping.

Such rush for Eid shopping can also be witnessed on railway line at Hashtnagri, Bacha Khan Chowk, Nothia and Board Bazaar. The visitors of these places do not buy new clothes but the second hand. Talking to TNN, they said that they also want to enjoy Eid celebrations, but they cannot afford buying new clothes. They said that a second hand suit cost them Rs. 200-300 which is no less than the new one for them.

“We came to Firdaus railway line to buy [used] clothes for ourselves and our kids because we cannot afford buying new clothes. A piece of cloth for a suit costs at least 800 rupees, while another Rs 600 are needed to pay to the tailor. In addition tailors are too overburdened now-a-days to entertain new orders. [On the other hand] we can get a well-stitched used suit at Rs.200-400.”


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