MINGORA, August 23: Eight more people, including a child and five women, have been tested positive for dengue fever in Swat district.

After confirmation of the fresh cases, the number of dengue patients has reached 100 in Swat this year.

Sources in the Saidu Sharif Hospital say 32-year-old Mr Bakht Rawan of Makan Bagh area, 17-year-old Ms Sumayya of Amankot, 20-year-old Mr Farhana, 16-year-old Ms Ruqqayya, 50-year-old Ms Bakht Sahiba, 30-year-old Ms Zahida, 30-year-old Ms Samreen, and 12-year-old Ms Zuhra were confirmed to be dengue fever victims.

They were taken to the specific dengue ward set up for dengue patients in Saidu Sharif Hospital. The hospital administration says that till now 91 patients had been treated at the health facility while nine patients are still under-treatment there.