By Nazia Javaid

On one hand, affluent class of the provincial capital of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Peshawar, lives in bungalows in posh localities, the same city it house to a large number of people living in tents on the other.

Seventy-year old Zulaikha is one such woman who lives in a torn-out tent in Rasheedabad area. She told the TNN that her spouse died 20 years ago and she had to look after her two offspring. She started selling paparhs (crackers) to make both the ends meet. Apart from selling paparhs, she did a number of other jobs for livelihood. “My husband died when our children were too young. I managed to get them grew up by doing certain jobs.”

A view of the tent of Zulaikha--Photo by Nazia Javaid.
A view of the tent of Zulaikha–Photo by Nazia Javaid.

She complained that all her relatives distanced themselves from her after the death of her husband. She has one son, which is also paralysed. She added that she don’t have any property which is why she lives in an unlivable tent. “The tent tears apart due to windstorms, leaving my son and me in the open sky. When rain and wind stop I start repairing my tent.”

Poor lady feature pic by Nazia Javaid (2)

Zulaikha earns 15 to 20 rupees a day by selling paparhs. “I cannot afford expenses of my medical treatment, which is too expensive for me. I can earn hardly get Rs. 20 by selling paparhs.”

She demanded of the government to make arrangements for treatment and provide her shelter.