PESHAWAR: Election in tribal districts for Khyber Pakhtunkhwa assembly will be held on July 2, notified the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) on Monday, adding, the elections will be held on 16 general and five reserved seats of minorities and women.

The notification was issued stated that the election will be held on PK-108 Kurram, PK-109 Kurram-Il, PK-110 Orakzai, PK-111 North Waziristan-l, PK-112 North Waziristan-Il, PK-113 South Waziristan-PK-114 South Waziristan-Il, PK-115 Ex-Frontier Regions, PK-100 Bajaur-I,
PK-101 Bajaur-Il, PK-102 Bajaur-Ill, PK-103 Mohmand-l, PK-104 Mohmand-ll, PK-105 Khyber PK-106 Khyber-ll, PK-107 Khyber-Ill.

The ECP announced that on May 7, Public Notice will be issued by the Returning Officer on
for nomination papers for the elections. On May 9, The ECP will announce a date for filing of nomination papers with the Returning to Officer by the candidates. On May 12, The ECP will the publication of names of the nominated candidates in each constituency. May 22 will be the last date for Scrutiny of nomination papers by the Returning while May 27 will be the last date for filing of appeals against decisions of returning officer.

May 28 is the Publication of revised list of candidates while May 29 will be the last date for withdrawal of candidature and Publication of revised list of candidates. Candidates will be allotted Election Symbol on May 30.

The candidates will have the month of the June for election campaign which will expire on the election night on July 2. The above-mentioned Program shall also apply to the four seats reserved seats for woman and non-Muslims in the Provincial Pakhtunkhwa.

Besides the ban on posting and transfers of government officials, no Government functionary or elected representative including a local government functionary will be allowed to announce any development scheme for the constituencies, where the election is under is scheduled on 2d July 2019.


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