An affected shopkeeper talking to TNN correspondent in Swat. - Photo by Rafiullah

By Rafiullah

SWAT, 1 December: The Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) officials of Swat have disconnected power supply to over 50 shops in Khona Cham Bar Killi area in Saidu Sharif for not installing commercial electric metres.

The affected shopkeepers told TNN that they have sent request to the WPADA officials for commercial metres but they said they will have to install an electric transformer for every five shops to get the facility. They said installation of a single transformer costs over Rs400,000 and they can’t afford to spend so much money on it.

The shopkeepers of the area said they are sitting jobless since many days after their electricity connections were disconnected by the WAPDA officials. They said they are also facing financial problems due to closure of their businesses.

“They are asking us to install a transfer for three-four shops. If we can afford to install a transformer, then what are we doing here in these small shops,” a shopkeeper said sarcastically.

Another shopkeeper said he has not seen any transformer even at large buildings in Mingora but the WAPDA officials expect the small shopkeepers to install transformer from their own pocket which is a big injustice. “Our work has come to a standstill and we are virtually jobless now,” he said.

On the other hand, the WAPDA officials said the law is in place since 2011 under which a new transformer will be installed where there are more than four shops in an area.


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