Power consumers protest against power outages.

PESHAWAR, April 20: Residents of Acheeni, Sarband, Tajabad and Pishtakhara held a protest demonstration to mark their indignation against elongated power outages in their areas.

The demonstrators gathered outside various power grid stations in the provincial metropolis. They said that with the mercury going up power breakdown in their areas have reached to 20 hours a day. This has faced us with a number of problems including provision of potable water, they said.

Led by Pakistan Tehrik-i-Insaf MPA Fazle Elahi, they threatened to launch a protest drive against Peshawar Electric Supply Corporation (PESCO) if their demands were not met. “We are provided power only four hours a day. [Adding insult to injury] the schedule of this four-hour time is not set. If the time of the power outages and provision is set, one can store at least drinking water,” they said and added that after coming from schools their children go the mosques to get some water from there.


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