PESHAWAR: Explosions in different parts of Afghanistan’s capital Kabul caused several casualties on the day of parliamentary elections on Saturday.

AFP reported that the elections initiated with delay in Afghanistan with troubled the voters and the trouble worsened when multiple explosions rocked the capital city.

At least 30 people were taken to a trauma hospital run by an Italian NGO, including a deceased child. Officials confirmed casualties, but were not sure of exact figures immediately.

The explosions caused panic and voters escaped from the polling stations for safety. Election preparations have been marred by violence in Afghanistan which claimed hundreds of lives. The fragile security situation has raised question marks over the credibility of the elections.

At least nine election candidates along with their many supporters have been killed in different terror attacks during the last two months. On Thursday, Kandahar intelligence and security chiefs were killed while provincial governor and Nato commander narrowly escaped in an insider attack which raised fresh questions on the security for the elections.

Taliban militants have already warned the civilians to stay away from the election process.  Nato commander said in a statement on Friday that the shooter who killed the Kandahar police and intelligence chiefs could have easily killed him as well, but the gunman’s did not target him. The Taliban said it was a demonstration for the foreign troops that Taliban can strike any target anywhere in Afghanistan.