Anees Takkar

CHARSADDA: The art of handwriting and calligraphy has witnessed decline in recent times due to introduction of modern printing presses and computer software. However, these advances in technology have not deterred 60-year-old Faqir Gul Kaka of Charsadda from writing the Holy Quran in his own handwriting and translating it into Pashto as well.

Faqir Gul Kaka initiated work on writing and translation of the Holy Quran in 1981, and now he has completed his fine work after his hard work of 37 years.

“I started work on writing and translation of the Holy Quran in 1981 and now I have completed this work now with the grace of Almighty Allah. It was biggest wish of my life which has come true. I wanted to do something noble in my life which can cause blessings for me in the life Hereafter,” Faqir Gul told TNN.

Faqir Gul has used Suls style while writing the Arabic verses and Nasakh for Pashto translation. He said although the electronic mode of printing creates very clear words and it also saves time and money, it poses threat to the art of calligraphy.

Shahzad Siyal, an artist belonging to the field of calligraphy in Charsadda, says the art is on the decline due to advent of technology. He said even the creation of a simple piece of art costs about five thousand rupees. He said the poor artists cannot do so with own resources, therefore, they need assistance of the government and other donors for promotion of this art and polishing their skills. He said every artist is currently refining his skill on self-help basis.

The area people have appreciated the effort of Faqir Gul. They say the handwriting of Faqir Gul is very clear and its Pashto translation is also articulate.

“I am very impressed with the writing style of Faqir Gul Kaka. He has managed amazing coordination and balance of sentences in his handwriting and all details are available. It is a great achievement for Faqir Gul Kaka and our area,” a local person told TNN.

Faqir Gul Kaka served in the Pakistan Army and started work on the writing and translation of the holy Quran after his retirement.