CHARSADDA: The farmers of Tangi tehsil of Charsadda district have announced boycott of the upcoming elections over indifference of the government and political parties towards their problems.

The farmers told TNN that their standing crops were badly damaged in the recent rains and hailing, but government official or political leader came to them to express solidarity or sympathy. They said the main cash crop of the area, tobacco was severely damaged in the rains and hailstorm due to which they suffered massive financial losses.

The affected farmers said they approached the government authorities and political parties several times to pay attention to the problem, but in vain. They said that the farmers of Tangi have unanimously decided to boycott the elections in protest against the cold-shouldered response of politicians and government functionaries towards their sufferings. They said they will not vote for any candidate in the polls.

The farmers said the government collects Rs1.5 billion every year in the head of different taxes on tobacco farmers. However, they said, the government pays no attention when the tobacco crops suffer any damage due to natural calamity.

They demanded the government to compensate them for their losses as their families are suffering after damage to their standing crops.