PESHAWAR, 14 December: Following their male colleagues, female teachers from Fata also started protest against non-provision of scale promotion and service structure.

Female teachers from different agencies on Monday gathered outside the Peshawar Press Club and staged a protest demonstration. They chanted slogans in favor of their demands and asked the government to provide them their due rights.

“We have been risking our lives and performing duties in difficult situation, yet our remunerations are far less than the teachers of Peshawar and Islamabad,” a female teacher complained.

“Despite that a large number of schools have been blown up in Fata by the militants, even then we did not stop performing our duties. In most cases, we have been teaching in tent schools, yet our services are not recognized,” said another protesting teacher.

She said their protest movement would continue till the acceptance of their demands.

The female teachers were later joined by their male colleagues.

Teachers from all the seven tribal agencies and Frontier Regions (FRs) have been demanding scale promotion and service structure since long. For this purpose, they have started a protest drive since Nov 29. In the first phase of their protest, the teachers boycotted attending classes. After that, they completely closed the educational institutions and took to the streets for their rights.

The ultimate sufferers are the poor students of Fata whose precious time is being wasted.


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