KHAR, 14 December: The FATA Grand Alliance held another Jirga in Bajaur Agency on Sunday to oppose complete abolishment of the Frontier Crimes Regulation (FCR) law from the tribal areas.

The Jirga was organised at the Hujra (male guest house) of Malik Anwar Zeb Khan in Khar, the main town of Bajaur Agency, which was attended by the representatives of FATA Grand Alliance and people from Utmankhel and Tarkhani tribes. Former federal minister Hameedullah Jan Afridi, Malik Khan Marjan and other elders while addressing the Jirga said the tribal lawmakers want to completely abolish the FCR law which is not in favour of the FATA population. They said instead of abolishment of the FCR, judicial powers of the political agent should be withdrawn and these powers should be delegated to the representative tribal Jirga.

The speakers said some political and parliamentary leaders want to damage the tribal traditions in the name of reforms who will never succeed.

On the other hand, the committee established by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif for reforms in FATA has initiated its consultation process with the tribal elders and representatives.


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