FATA lawmakers addressing a press conference in Peshawar. - Photo by Sajid Ali Kokikhel

PESHAWAR, 13 May: The elected parliamentarians from Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) have demanded that they should also be taken into confidence over reforms in the tribal areas and efforts for abolishing Article 247 of the Constitution of Pakistan.

Addressing a press conference in Peshawar yesterday, FATA parliamentarians Ghazi Gulab Jamal, Hidayatullah, Al-Haj Shah Je Gul Afridi, Taj Muhammad Afridi, Momin Khan Afridi, Nasir Khan Afridi and Bilalur Rehman said the FATA Reforms Committee has taken recommendations from the FATA lawmakers but did not include them in the draft of reforms.

They said they will launch protest if reforms were introduced in FATA without taking the local lawmakers and population into confidence.

“First of all we demand legalisation of income of FATA. The next major issue is about development schemes. No one knows who has the powers for development schemes in FATA. Governor is the only executive, but the reforms committee has not specified it clearly that who will have powers regarding uplift projects. We will oppose all the encroachments of FCR,” a FATA lawmaker told TNN.


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