Fata Reforms


Panel discussion: Women voters to shape outcome of tribal districts elections

Women candidates directly contesting elections in tribal districts have said support of women voters can be decisive factor in the outcome of elections.

‘Women’s participation in elections to bring positive change’

The Election Commission and other relevant departments have accelerated preparations for upcoming elections in tribal districts on July 20.

ECP says measures taken to facilitate women voters in tribal elections

Political parties did not give much importance to women candidates in the past, but the situation has changed during recent times.

Delay of few days in polls won’t affect voters’ priorities: Shaukat Yousafzai

All political parties except the PTI are blaming the government for delaying polls for vested interests. The KP government strongly rejects this assertion.

Candidates, tribal citizens have mixed views about polls delay

Preparations for first ever KP Assembly polls in merged districts originally scheduled to be held on July 02 are underway since last few months.

Tribal polls: Delay will give time to candidates for campaigning

Analysts say that delay in elections in tribal districts has not only affected the contesting candidates, but it can also impact the process of democracy.

Committees formed to expedite reforms in merged districts: Ajmal Wazir

One year after the completion of merger of erstwhile Fata with Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, the provincial government has achieved some milestones.

Panel discussion: Benefits of merger haven’t reached to common man

Experts in a panel discussion arranged by TNN said the benefits of the FATA merger with Khyber Pakhtunkhwa have not reached to the common man.

‘Merger brought few benefits, but still it hasn’t gained desired pace’

Public opinion is divided over the implementation status of the reforms process with some showing complete satisfaction and others showing dissatisfaction.

Panel discussion: Problems will resolve quickly with more seats for merged districts

Experts at a panel discussion arranged by TNN said increased representation for tribal districts in National and KP assemblies will help resolve problems.

Merged districts’ people welcome increase in seats, oppose polls delay

After merger with KP, tribal districts got 16 seats in the KP Assembly and six in National Assembly on the basis of the latest population census.

ECP continues preparations for provincial polls in merged districts

Sohail Khan, the ECP spokesman for KP, says ribal provincial elections can only be delayed if the legislation completes before the election schedule.

‘RTI must be implemented vigorously in merged districts for best results’

Panellists at Badloon programme of TNN said the Right to Information (RTI) law must be implemented in merged districts like KP for its effectiveness.

Information under RTI law accessible under simple procedure

The KP government has extended the RTI law to tribal districts under which the applicants can get information through a simple procedure.

RTI law will protect tribal women’s rights: Naila Altaf

Women of the newly merged tribal districts were also keenly waiting for benefits of the reforms process and merger with Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Panel discussion: Judges must perform duties inside tribal districts

Experts in a panel discussion in Badloon programme of TNN urged the need for shifting the newly appointed judges for tribal areas inside the merged areas.