PESHAWAR, 7 October: Tribal women have demanded of the government to abolish Frontier Crime Regulations (FCR) and provide basic rights to tribal women at the earliest. This they said during a seminar organized by FATA Youth Alliance in collaboration with South Asia Partnership Pakistan in Peshawar on Wednesday.

The women speakers from FATA asked the government to increase reserved seats for tribal women in national assembly. The participants  supported the FATA reforms bills submitted by tribal parliamentarian in national assembly.

One of the female participants told TNN that historically majority of tribesmen were conservative but this time they want their women to play role in public sphere.

“The biggest problem in Fata is FCR and until it is abolished the tribal men and women cannot enjoy the real freedom. We want our rights prescribed in Islam. We want that our right to property and vote should be recognized both by the government and general public of FATA” she said.

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