Representatives of political parties attending FATA Youth Seminar in Peshawar. – Photo by Muhammad Tayyeb

PESHAWAR, 30 November: All FATA Youth Seminar was organised at Peshawar Press Club on Tuesday to create awareness among the FATA youth about their rights and negative impacts of the Frontier Crimes Regulation (FCR) law.

Tribal youth affiliated with different political parties attended the seminar which was organised by the Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) Youth Wing. The JI FATA ameer Haroon Rashid presided over the event. Participants of the seminar on the occasion presented different proposals for reforms in FATA before the 2018 general elections. The Kurram Youth Organisation representatives Shahabuddin and Dr Nematullah told TNN that they will initially persuade the people opposing reforms in FATA to mend their ways. They said the Fata youth will also hold protests in Peshawar and Islamabad to pursue their mission of abolishment of FCR.

FATA Youth Assembly vice president Saima Umar, who belongs to Mohmand Agency, said that the FCR law can be abolished from FATA if all the tribal youth organisations join hands in its opposition.

“Individual efforts will bear no fruit as the powers of status quo are very strong in FATA. All the youth organisations of the tribal areas will have to join hands and raise voice collectively to get rid of this black law,” Saima told TNN.

A joint statement was issued at the end of the event which called upon the government to extend the jurisdiction of the High Court and Supreme Court to FATA, merge FATA with KP, establish sports stadiums and provide other facilities in the tribal areas.