Karate player at Landikotal
Children taking part in judo competition in Landikotal Spring Sports Festival. - Photo by Mehrab Afridi

Sadia Qamer

No doubt childhood is a beautiful period of everybody’s life. Kids spend most of their time having fun and do whatever pleases them since they don’t have any responsibilities to take care of. From attending school in the morning to coming back home in the afternoon to have lunch and siesta for a while. Afterward attending your tuition classes and then again watching your favorite programs and cartoons on TV and finally dozing off in your Granny’s lap, are all the most precious moments of one’s childhood.

Aiman is my dear friend. Once we were sitting and having gossips about random things that she started telling me about her childhood memories. Aiman told me that she had had an amazing childhood. According to her: “We all siblings used to play together. There were different games for girls and boys but I would not stick to one type and play both types of games because I spent most of my childhood time with my brother who is my best friend. Not only did we play together but we would also fight each other over stupid and silly things (as normally siblings do) but we never dare let our mother know about it for fear of incurring her wrath”.

“Let me tell you something very interesting”, Aiman said as she continued reminiscing old times. “I’ve flown kites on our rooftop in my childhood. Running in the streets, playing splits and street stuck (guli danda), were the most fun part of our games”.

Aiman got solemn and commented that over time we have lost a lot of things. According to her, if we compare our time and today’s youths’ early years, we will see some very clear and major differences in the childhood era of both generations. The reason is that today’s kids are limited to the boundary of their homes because of technology (and safety reasons) Almost every other day we come to know about the children who fall victims to child abuse.

So that’s the major factor of parents not allowing their children to play outdoor sports which results in them playing indoor games on mobile phones and computers etc. And that’s one of the primary reasons that kids these days are not physically strong enough. They get tired even after having done the smallest of tasks. Apart from that, due to incessant use of mobile phones and computers, a plethora of other kids complain about constant headaches eyesight weakness.

It’s high time for parents to make their kids participate in such games that are not gender-based, to enable them to achieve much higher goals and success in life. Such games should be promoted where every kid comes forward and completes their round of whichever game they are playing and accepts whatever the result of their efforts might be. Priority should be given to the games where kids play as team members such as Ludo and Carrom etc to awaken feelings of sportsmanship in them.

So as a result of that children get motivated and also tend to feel affectionate towards their elders after getting their attention. Those kids who grow up in a peaceful environment always tend to live prosperous and successful lives.


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