federal govt relief package for employees

PESHAWAR, October 23: The federal government has announced relief package for the families of employees who die during their service tenure at various departments.

The announcement was made by the Prime Minister Mr Nawaz Sharif at the National Assembly session on 22 October. According to the package, the families of the government servants, from basic scale 1 to 16, would be given 2.5 million rupees each while 4 million rupees have been fixed for basic scale-17 employees, 8 million for basic scale-18 and 9 million rupees for the basic scale-20 and above.

As per the package, the families of the government employees who die in terrorist attacks will be given: 3 million rupees for basic scale-1 to 16, 5 million rupees for scale-17, 9 million rupees for scale-18 and 19 and 10 million rupees for the officials of grade-20 and above.

In addition to the cash money, the bereaved family will also be given increments of the deceased till the retirement time and a son or daughter of the deceased will be given employment in a government department.

The package also ensures provision of residential allowance to the bereaved families as per the deceased official’s basic pay scale.


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