Frontier Education Foundation College female students and their parents protesting against the college administration in Charsadda. - Photo by Khalid Mansoor

CHARSADDA, 28 November: The Frontier Education Foundation College Tangi, Charsadda female students, their parents and local government representatives staged a protest demonstration against the college administration on Friday.

The protesters gathered in front of the college building and blocked the road for some time. Some of the protesters also pelted stones at the college building and chanted slogans against the administration. The protesting students and parents alleged that irrelevant men enter the college building and the attitude of the college principal with the students is also inappropriate.

A student of the college told TNN that the administration does not extend any help to the poor students. “This college is not acting like a government entity and the administration also takes bribes to facilitate the rich students while the poor students are subjected to harassment,” she said.

Another student said irrelevant men roam inside the college building all the time which creates an insecure environment for the female students. “Whenever any female student raises voice over this issue the administration silence her by threatening to deny issuing good character certificate to her,” she alleged.

However, the college principal Saira Bukhari while talking to TNN rejected all these allegations.

“These girls protesting outside the college are not our students. They have no connection with our college. After taking charge, I have ended all wrong activities in the college,” she claimed.


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