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PESHAWAR: Starting an online business is not the easiest of things. One needs to be determined enough to know whether he is ready to land their feet in the world of e-commerce, where there’s already so much competition in terms of quality, reliable brands and loyal customers.

Not only are you expected to beat the requirements of your customers but also to bring a change in the online market, in order to stand out from the crowd, for making your online presence visible in the buyers’ eyes.

It takes a lot of dedication, hard work and passion to make your brand stand out and reach its audience in the long run. And I don’t want to burst your bubble of imagination but one thing is for sure that it does not happen overnight. It definitely takes time for your strategies to make the business successful.

Following are a few steps for launching an online business.

1) Discover your product

The first and foremost step is to find out your product. Before even having the idea of owning an online store, you need to be determined about the products you want to sell and showcase on your website. This is the most basic step for it will pave the way for further business decisions that you’d make, e.g. your brand name, web page design, shipping process etc.

2) Set up your web page

After finalising the niche of your product, it is crucial to set up your website and begin with your online business. If you do not have any idea or experience about the domain name and site location, getting guidance from some experienced person is advisable.

3) Ensure proper marketing

It is the key step for boosting your business overnight. Because as a matter of fact, your business has just been launched and chances are that not much people would have access to your page. You must need to make proper marketing strategies to expand your newly established business.

4) Upload high-quality pictures

The next step is to upload high-quality pictures of the products. Since the consumers can’t get access the products in person so the responsibility falls upon the seller to provide top-notch quality pictures of the products, that too from different angles so to make the customer clear about his choice. Moreover, the pictures should also include somebody else using/wearing the product e.g. somebody wearing the shoes to give the buyer an idea of how they would actually look in real.

5) Provide with videos

If the products you are selling are of a complicated nature, for example, electronic goods, then do provide a video of how they can be set up and put to use. That way people who don’t have exposure to the product before can have an idea about its use.

6) Make the prices visible

You should always put your price in the front place so that the user doesn’t have to look for it all over the page. The best way is to put the price above the picture or right below it. Moreover, if there is some sale on the product, do strike-out the previous price and mention the recent rate for the customer’s convenience.

7) Be responsive

An online page that is responsive towards its customers is considered to be the best. So make sure you are quick when it comes to answering to the queries of the customers because a delayed response might make the buyer place an order on another page. Moreover, if the buyer finds an issue with the purchased product ensure to remove the hesitations of the customer by either refunding it or sending them another product of the same nature.

So if you follow these above-mentioned steps you are ready to start your online business


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