Inside view of the newly established books library in Bara Khyber Agency. Photo by Saleem-ur-Rehman

BARA, 29 August: To promote the habit reading among the new generation and cater to the needs of students, a group of local youngsters have set up a small library here.

It is perhaps the first ever initiative taken in private capacity in this part of the tribal territory where once education was considered a wastage of time.

Initially, one of the founders of the library said, 1700 books have been placed in it. “We have placed books about science, computer, IT, Urdu and Pashto literature, Islamic History and many other books of general knowledge,” he informed.

The youngsters are committed to increase the number of books up to 10,000. “We invite the local philanthropists and the political administration to come forward and help us in purchasing new books and upgrading the library,” another member of the founding team said.

Local students are regularly visiting the library and quenching their thirst of knowledge. They have expressed excitement over the establishment of the library and termed it helpful in their studies.

“It is the first ever library established in Bara and we are happy to have a place where we can sit and read books. I regularly visit the library and read different types of books of my choice,” remarked a local student.

According to the organizers of the library, local students and other book loving people are encouraged to come and get registered as members of the library