By Nabi Jan Orakzai

PESHAWAR, 17 January: It has been observed that male members of our society generally excel in jobs in the security forces and women tend not joining such jobs.

However, the situation is changing now and many women are also joining this field with a passion to serve the masses. One among them is Asmatara from Swabi who has got the distinction of becoming the first woman deputy superintendent police (DSP) of Traffic Police Department in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. TNN correspondent has conducted a detailed interview with Asmatara over her ambitions after joining the Traffic Police Department.

TNN: What inspired you to join Traffic Police Department?

Asmatara: I got first position in the NCC course in my college after which I got encouragement from my family members to join security forces like police or the army due to my precision in the shooting competitions.

When I joined the Police Department, it was a totally new experience for me as I knew nothing about the department and mode of its working. Due to my rural background, it was a very challenging task for me to come to urban area and perform a tough job. Only two women sub-inspectors in my police station were educated, while the rest of the staff was under-matriculated. There was no system of promotion in our department after which I decided to first improve the condition of my own department. Other colleagues also joined hands with me and we brought more educated women in the department. It was due to our efforts that more ranks were introduced in the Traffic Police Department for women. Previously, women served on only few positions and the senior-most position holder used to get promotion. There was no service structure for women but after the influx of educated women, the department also introduced promotion structure for them. Now the women and men officials in the Police Department get equal opportunities of promotion.

TNN: What were your feelings after becoming first woman DSP of Traffic Police in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa?

Asmatara: I was recently promoted to the rank of DSP which is a matter of great honour for me. It is a huge responsibility and I will do my best to fulfil my responsibilities under this position.

TNN: What are the main difficulties while performing duties both in office and at roads?

Asmatara: It is a very challenging task but it is the requirement of my position that I can’t stay at one place all the times. I happily perform all kind of assignments given to me by the department.

TNN: What is level of cooperation by the people on roads with the women traffic police officers?

Asmatara: It is an encouraging sign that the education ratio is gradually increasing among the people of KP. The behaviour of educated people is normally better than the uneducated people, who even misbehave with the male traffic police officials. More women drivers are coming on roads now a days. The presence of women traffic police officials will make them comfortable on roads and they will face no problem in listening to traffic instructions and correcting their mistakes.