PESHAWAR: The Private Schools Regulatory Authority Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has ordered the educational institutes across the province to act according to decision of Peshawar High Court regarding the fee structure.

The notification was issued in districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa that strict actions will be taken under the rules of PSRA Act 2017 against those educational institutes which failed to follow the rules.

“No Private schools are allowed to increase the fee structure or take additional fee from parents until the process of fee structure is completed”, read the notification.

While the implementation process is still underway, the private educational institutes are instructed to refrain from receiving full monthly tuition fee from students before Summer Vacations otherwise stern actions shall be taken.

According to the PSRA new act, the students whose siblings are enrolled in the same school will only pay half of the total fee and they will also have to pay half fee during the Summer Vacations.

The statement also said that the private schools are strictly advised to maintain cleanliness and provide hygienic food to the students. As per instructions issued by government, the Halal Food Authority will launch a crackdown any day of the month.

The Peshawar High Court on Tuesday summoned the secretary of elementary and secondary education and managing director of KP-PSRA, asking them to explain why they failed to implement a court’s judgement delivered five months ago for the regulation the affairs of private institutions.

Earlier this week, the KP-SRA had approved the new regulations under section-30 of the KP-PSRA Act-2017 in compliance with the Peshawar High Court judgement passed on November 8th last year, banning the increase in fees by private institutions until further directives.