food authority closed down substandard tea production factory in Peshawar
Black Tea plan closed down in Peshawar for substandard production.

PESHAWAR: Director Administration and Chief of Investigative wing of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa food authority Akbar Khan has said that during the month of Ramazan the sale and production of sub-standard products have increased.

Khan added that they have to make special squads to conduct operations to counter the public from its negative health impacts. So far, several thousand litres of contaminated dairy products and beverages have been discarded and factories have been closed. He added several thousand kg of contaminated spices have discarded and factories were closed down.

On Tuesday night, the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Food Authority’s night squad and investigation wing in a joint venture conducted two different operations where more than two thousand kilograms adulterated black tea, five hundred litres powdered mixed milk and three hundred kilograms yogurt discarded while two accused were arrested.

According to details a location in Gulbahar area was identified as adulterated unit for black tea by Food Authority’s investigation team headed by Muhammad Shoaib Khan the deputy director administration. He revealed that his team was investigating the matter for more than a week.

Night Squad Captain and Director Operations Khalid Khan Khattak while commenting on operation added that the unit was used for colouring and mixing bark with black tea. He maintained that more than two thousand kilograms of adulterated black tea discarded while the accused was handed over to the police and the unit was sealed forever.

Another raid was conducted on a shop of milk distribution and more than five hundred litres of powdered mixed milk and three hundred kilograms of yogurt were discarded on the spot. Assistant Director Asad Ali while giving details maintained that the distributor was mixing skimmed milk in fresh milk and yogurt. The distributor was handed over to police on the spot while distribution was sealed for further necessary action.


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