For first time in tribal history, female players participate in national games

JAMRUD: The opening ceremony of the 33rd National Games has been held for the first time in Jamrud Tehsil of Khyber District, in which male athletes, as well as female athletes, are participating for the first time in the history of tribal districts.

According to the correspondent TNN, at the inaugural ceremony at Jamrud Sports Complex Alhaj Shafiq Afridi, Alhaj Shafiq Sher Afridi, Khaliq-ur-Rehman, Taj Mohammad Afridi, DC Khyber Mehmood Aslam Wazir, Sports Director Mohammad Nawaz Khan and DPO Muhammad Apart from Hussein, male and female players from all four provinces participated.

Addressing the inaugural ceremony, the speakers said that holding the National Games for the first time proves that peace has been established here.

“The purpose of holding games here is to provide the public with some fun moments in which we have succeeded,” said the speakers. They added the holding of the National Games proved that tribal people want peace and development here and that tribal youth need such healthy activities.

It should be noted that tribal districts are a traditional and conservative society, where the sanctity of Parda and four walls is highly regarded. The holding of national games in the tribal areas and the participation of women players in them can only be termed may be termed as the first drop of rain for women.

On October 30, a cultural and scientific exhibition was organized by the administration at College Jamrud Bazar under which the students participated in various cultural and cultural events. In addition to handmade clothes, traditional food and traditional pot stalls, the exhibition also decorated bookshops in which physics, biology, chemistry bookstalls were set up, in which guests took special interest and were offered traditional foods.

Addressing a press conference at Jamrud Press Club, Malik Sardar Azam Afridi, Malik Saleem, Zina Gul Afridi, Sher Islam Afridi, Dawood Khan Afridi, Jahangir Afridi, Gul Zamir Afridi said that cultural show in Jamrud college is against the tribal customs and traditions.

They said that holding of the exhibition caused great anger among the people here and today there was a jirga of the leaders demanding an inquiry into the incident and award strict punishment of the organizers of the exhibition.

The leaders said that the provincial government had issued a post saying that male officers and gentlemen would not be admitted to the girls’ educational institutions. He threatened to give a two-day ultimatum if the principal was not changed.