CHITRAL: A large number of foreign tourists thronged the scenic valley of Chitral to attend Chilam Josht festival that will be kicked off on May 14.

The facilitate the tourists, Khyber Pakthunkhwa Tourism Corporation (TCKP) has made proper arrangements in Chitral city, Kalash, Boni, Garam Chashma and other scenic spots.

The corporation has also set up a tent village for the tourists where a large number of tourists would be accommodated.

Australia and French tourism authorities visited Chitral Tourism Information Center where they were briefed about the beautiful areas of the district. The tourists expressed their interest to attend the festival.

They also appreciated the provincial government initiative for opening the information center and said that it would help promote tourism in KP.

Incharge of the center briefed the tourists about the importance and cultural diversity of the district where thousands of come every year.

The annual festival is held in three Kalash valleys of Bumburate, Birir and Rumbur where Kalash girls and boys dance to the tune of traditional drum beats.

A large number of tourists including foreigners from all over the world would participate in the festival.

The Chilam Joshi Festival would be started with ‘Milkday’ on which Kalash people offers libations of milk that had been saved for 10 days prior to the occasion.

The celebrations would highlight their cultural richness, plethora of colours and the underlying message of peace.