PHC issues stay order against school teachers' polio duty

PESHAWAR: Terming the action of the deputy commissioner without and any legal cover, Shahab Uddin Khan has filed a case in the Peshawar high court asking the court for the immediate release of his son.

His son, Jalal Uddin Khan, was arrested by the DC of Bajaur district under section 3 of maintenance of public order (3MPO) for alleged inference in government affairs. He was sentenced at Haripur central jail for three months.

The former MNA and the current leader of Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PMLN) have, on the other hand, alleged that the deputy commissioner along with some other people of the district are working under an organized conspiracy against him. He warned that the deputy commissioner will be responsible if any harm is inflected to his son.

The petition is filed through senior lawyer Abdul Latif Afridi on Friday in Peshawar high court (PHC) who informed that the court the family of Shahab Uddin Khan has played a leading role in the merger of trial districts with the province. However, he added, it was bureaucrats, who have opposed the merger, thus accusing the Jalal Uddin of not allowing the government functionaries to work for the welfare of the people is ‘baseless’ and ‘illogical’.

Latif informed that court that the family was the progress and development of tribal districts. He asked the court that the 3 MPO was first devised by military dictator Muhammad Ayub Khan to torture political activists, and thus, the DC of Bajaur is still using this authority to torture the family of Shahab Uddin. The lawyer asked the court to order the release of Jalal Uddin, who is sentenced to one-month imprisonment at Haripur central jail.

The Tribal people have also expressed concerns over the arrest of Jalal Uddin. They expressed that though the Frontier Crime Regulations have been abolished however, its influence exists as the DC is still using arbitrary power to arrest people without any warrants.



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