Ex-PM Nawaz Sharif. – A file photo

ISLAMABAD, 2 October: Fromer prime minister Nawaz Sharif on Monday appeared before the accountability in connection with his graft cases, however, left the court without being indicted. The former PM is likely to be indicted on October 9.

The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) has filed three corruption references against him and his family.

The former PM arrived court around 8:30am amid tight security. When the hearing commenced, Nawaz Sharif’s lawyer argued that presence of all suspects was necessary before indictment take place.

However, his children including Hussain, Hassan, and Maryam and son-in-law Captain Safdar failed to appear before the court. Non-bailable arrest warrants were issued for former PM’s children and son-in-law.

Due to strict security arragements, no one including senior PML-N leadership was allowed to enter the court before the former prime minister entered it.

Interior minister lashes out at Rangers

Rangers even stopped Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal from entering the premises. The minister lashed out on security forces for keeping PML-N leaders, lawyers and supporters of Nawaz Sharif from entering the court and ordered an inquiry.

Later, talking to media, the minister said that it was decided earlier that selected leadership of PML-N would go with the former PM into the court.

He said the Islamabad chief commissioner had decided on the names of media personnel and PML-N leaders and supporters who would be allowed to enter the court on Monday.

He said that even the commissioner informed him that Rangers had suddenly appeared and taken over this place court security into their hands.

After scathing remarks of the minister, Rangers’ chief met PML-N leadership and asked them to enter the court however the Iqbal refused.

He said that he would order an inquiry to find out who asked the Rangers to stop PML-N leadership from entering the court and warned to resign if failed to find out answer.