Tribal elders participating in a Jirga in FR Bannu. – Photo by Gohar Wazir

BANNU, 5 August: The elders of Frontier Region (FR) Bannu have announced to launch a protest movement against handing over control of educational institutions of the semi-tribal regions to settled areas.

Decision to this effect was taken at a Jirga of elders of Utmanzai and Ahmedzai tribes at Bannu Township on Friday. A four-member committee was formed at the Jirga which will make efforts to get a court stay order against this decision of the government.

Malik Moweez Khan, head of the committee, told TNN that the handing over of FRs schools to settled areas will impact the seniority of teachers. He said this decision will also deprive the local youth from scholarships, jobs and special quotas for FATA students in the national educational institutions.

Malik Moweez said if the government wants to give control of educational institutions of FRs to settled areas then the Frontier Crimes Regulation (FCR) should be abolished in these areas. He said the people of frontier regions remain deprived of FCR benefits, while its negative clauses are implemented promptly.