PESHAWAR: The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Elementary and Secondary Education Department has issued fresh standard operating procedures (SOPs) before reopening of private educational institutions from September 15.

Under the newly-issued SOPs, all schools will be required to make arrangements for checking the temperature of all the students at the entrance gate. The students showing symptoms of fever will not be allowed to enter the school premises.

The SOPs recommended seven-day leave for children having symptoms like coronavirus and in such case the government must be informed on helpline 1166. In case any student was tested positive for coronavirus, the entire class will be allowed a 14-day leave to enable them to recover fully and keep other students safe from the disease.

All the students and teachers will wear facemasks and observe social distancing during the academic activities. There will be no morning assembly session and any other sort of gatherings at the school premises. School cleaning with proper waste management practices must be ensured on daily basis.

Practice of handwashing will be encouraged and students aged from four to seven years will be helped in handwashing and hygiene practices. The students will be directed to avoid having food in the same utensil and they will be urged to bring their separate lunch boxes.

Clear, concise and concrete information about COVID-19 must be shared with students and parents. Teachers should also assess their temperature and health condition with respect to COVID-19 symptoms, then they should inform the school management and stay at home till their symptoms go away.

The schools must be decontaminated at least over the weekends and soon after the infection is reported in the class or school. The entrance of visitors to school from outside must be minimised and their matters must be handled at the entrance of the school.

Zero-tolerance policy must be adopted for students/parents who do not follow the recommendations of cloth masks, handwashing and physical distancing. All other social SOPs pertaining to handshakes and individual prayers should be strictly observed in order to avoid the spread of infection.

The KP government has made it clear that private educational institutes are only allowed to open to deal with their administrative matters. All schools will properly reopen on September 15.