Fata youth to hold sit-in in Islamabad over delay in FATA Reforms Bill

KHAR: The members of FATA Youth Jirga  announced to hold a protest campaign in Islamabad over delay in FATA Reforms.

In this regard a press conference was held in Bajaur Press Club where the members of the FATA Youth Organization expressed anger over delay in FATA Reforms by the government.

The former president of Fata Students Organization Shaukat Aziz stated that All Party Conference will take place on 25 April in Peshawar on FATA reforms and a massive sit-in has been scheduled for 30th April in Islamabad against delay in the implementations of reforms process.

Shaukat said “the delay in approval of the reforms bill has caused unrest among the tribal community ,therefore, we will hold a sit-in in Islamabad and continue it till our demands are not met”. He also said that the government was deliberately delaying the Fata reforms Bill which showed  the inefficiency of it as it was paying no heed to the issues of tribesmen.

In All Party Conference, political leaders and experts will discuss the matter pertaining to FATA bill and the reasons why it is being delayed despite the hope given to the tribal youth by the chairman of Senate and parliamentarians from FATA.

A few days earlier, the chairman of Senate Muhammad Sadiq Sanjayani assured to the FATA youth in a meeting held in Islamabad that the reforms bill will be approved in the next Senate session. Also, the opposition leader in the Upper House senator Sherry Rehman had  also assured to the FATA youth Jirga to pass the bill from Senate at the earliest. .

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