Gandamars staging protest in front of Peshawar Press Club against attitude of police and Customs officials. - Photo by Usman Khan

PESHAWAR, 2 December: The disabled people who carry cloth from Khakhano Market in Peshawar to the city areas on bicycles (Gandamars) to earn livelihood staged protest demonstration over the attitude of police and Customs officials in front of the Peshawar Press Club on Tuesday.

The disabled Gandamars said due to disability they cannot do any other job and bring some cloth on their bicycles from Karkhano Market to city area for earning their livelihood. They alleged that police deployed at various check posts seek bribes from them and also beat them up after they refuse giving bribes. They said large-scale smuggling is being carried out in cars and big vehicles but the police and Customs officials have turned a blind eye towards them. They demanded the government either to provide them respectable jobs or let them do their work to make ends meet.

“Police are not allowing us to do our job. The government should either provide us jobs or let us do our job,” a disabled Gandamar told TNN.

Another Gandamar said they will not be able to feed their children if the government stopped them from their work. “No one touches the big vehicles involved in large-scale smuggling, while the police never hesitate to beat up the disabled people doing their small jobs,” he said.


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