DI KHAN: A five-member team of experts sent by Geological Survey of Pakistan arrived Shamozai area of DI Khan to find reason behind dreadful noises and jolts that has been taking place since last several days.

The team was sent after the district government requested the Geological Survey of Pakistan to send a team of experts and ascertain reasons behind the continuous noise and earthquakes taking place in Shamozai area. The team that is equipped with modern scientific equipment will stay in the area for few days.

Talking to TNN, Deputy Commissioner Numan Afzal Afridi had said that a team was sent to the area after people complained of jolts and noise as if the earth was tearing apart.

“However, the team did not find any clue of cracks in the area,” he said, adding that emergency and Health Department has been placed on high alert to cope with any untoward situation.

Residents of the area, told TNN, that they hearing noise as if huge cracks was occurring in the earth followed by earthquake. They said that the jolts have affected several houses in the area.

“These events are taking place since last several days that has created fear among the locals,” said Rahmat Ali, a local resident. His claim was seconded by Saeedullah, another local.

They demanded of the government to send a team of expert and ascertain exact cause so that they could shift to safer places if there was any threat.