Syed Zaman Saba

MALAKAND: Almas Khanum, who hails from a small village in Mlakand district, has acquired excellence in making portraits and paintings by learning the art from her elder brother.

Fourteen-year-old Almas Khanum is a student of 10th grade and she hails from Haryankot village in Dargai tehsil of Malakand. She uses water colours and has exceptional skills required to become a good artist. Besides art, she also takes interest in embroidery and poetry. He has done some impressive poetry which is greatly liked by the people with whom she has shared it.

Almas Khanum has a special skill of making portraits of important personalities with mud. She has made several such portraits of celebrities and important personalities who have served humanity in different fields. This is a special skill which she has learnt from her elder brother, not from any training institute.

The talented girl from Malakand started portrait making and paintings just one year ago and now she is expert in the field. She has made dozens of portraits and hundreds of paintings so far and she is confident and eager to make more masterpieces.

Talib Jan, father of Almas Khanum, said he is proud of abilities of his daughter and he is fully supporting her to bring her talent into the notice of those who value it. He said his daughter has all the potential to become a world level artist.

The portraits and paintings of Almas Khanum have been put on display at various exhibitions which gained attention of art lovers. She has also got applause and recognition for her attractive poetry.


The multi-talented girl has won hearts with her great skills and talent, but like other girls in a Pakhtun society, she is also facing opposition from people in her area with conservative mildest who believe that fields like portrait making and art are not suitable for girls. However, Almas Khanum is brave enough to fight these stereotypes and focus on her work. She draws great inspiration from support of her family, particularly her father and brother, to pursue her passion. She said it is important to ignore distractions and focus on good work to contribute positively towards the society and serve as an example for other girls.

Art lovers are of the opinion that many other talented girls like Almas can come forward and discover their talent and capabilities if the government forms an art gallery in Malakand.