LANDIKOTAL, 3 May: The students of Government Girls Higher Secondary School Khwagakhel in Landikotal tehsil of Khyber Agency are facing many difficulties due to lack of basic facilities.

The girls students in the school told TNN that there is shortage of teachers in the school since long which is affecting their studies. They said the school also lacks the facilities of clean drinking water and toilets.

“We have read five chapters and we haven’t properly memorised them as our teacher was appointed nearly at the end of the session. Mathematics is a difficult subject and we have no teacher for it. We need to learn this subject in the beginning otherwise our foundation will be weak. There is also shortage of benches and fans in the school. Water is available but it is contaminated. No one washes the water tank for months and insects are found in the drinking water so often,” a student told TNN.

On the other hand, Qamar Sultana, Principal of the school, said teachers have divided classes among them to overcome the shortage of teachers. She said she has demanded other facilities for the school from the FATA Secretariat which has assured that all necessities of the school will be fulfilled.


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