Rani Andleeb

PESHAWAR: Pakhtun society is known for its special traditions of joint family system, helping out each others during times of happiness and sorrow and respect for the elders and love for juniors, but still there are some other practices which are bringing bad name to our society.

One such ugly tradition is Toor (rumour) which has claimed the lives of several innocent women. In Arab culture, brothers are declared patrons of sisters and they decided everything about them like education, choice of clothes and their marriage etc. The traditions of the ancient Arab times were also practiced in Pakhtun society.

A Pakhtun girl named Samina was killed just over a rumour in her village. Samina went to give milk to her grandmother and asked her mother that she would return within 20 minutes. On return, Samina started gossip with her cousins and did not realise that she is getting late for going back home. In the meantime, the family members of Samina were concerned when she did not come back in time and her father went to his mother’s house where he was told that Samina had left as soon as she dispatched the milk. However, Samina was busy in gossip with her cousins at her grandmother’s home but she was unaware about that.

The parents made announcements through loudspeakers in the mosques about Samina going missing. A rumour spread that Samina has eloped with a boy and it spread very quickly. Samina along with her cousins reached her home, but rumours were spread already. Samina cried and requested her parents to ignore everything, but her father and brother said they have already been defamed and they have no other option but to kill her to restore their ‘honour’. No one listened to her pleas that she was innocent. She was fastened to a tree and sprayed with bullets due to which she died on the spot. So another innocent girl was killed in the name of honour.

So many girls have been killed and no authentic statistics are available about such killings. The main reason behind this is ignorance and insensitivity of our society.

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