PARACHINAR, 12 December: The Fata Political Alliance has once again urged the federal government to implement the recommendations of the Sartaj Aziz-led reforms committee and announce the immediate merger of Fata in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Member of National Assembly from Kurram agency Sajid Hussain Tori while speaking at a news conference here on Monday said that the federal government should not further delay the reforms process and repeal the draconian law of FCR.

“It is high time that the people of Fata should be released from the clutches of FCE and their decades-long slavery should be finished,” he said and threatened that if the people of Fata were deprived of their constitutional rights, the Fata parliamentarians would be forced to start agitation and start a protest movement with the support of the common people.

“The educated people of Fata are now fed up with the system of status quo. They want freedom from FCR and their due constitutional rights,” he maintained.

President, Kurram Political Alliance Abdul Karim Abid, PTI leader Hafeezullah, ANP’s Abid Hussain, QWP’s Gulzar Hussain and other leaders also spoke on the occasion. Terming FCR a black law, they asked the federal government to grant equal rights to the people of Fata.