Main mosque reopened after 6-year in Tirah Valle
Main mosque reopened after 6-year in Tirah Valley.

Shah Nawaz Afridi

BARA: Jamia Hashmiyah, commonly known as Qamabar Abad Madrasah, closed for the last several years along with adjacent markets which have about 350 shops.

Local people have requested the security forces and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government to reopen it for the public and provide them with a facility to get religious education and also revive economic activities.

The demand was made by Haji Mir Alam, an official of Khyber Union, a political and social organization of Bara. He said that the madrassah mentioned above is a common Eidgah of Shalobar Tribe. The Qambar Abad Madrassah can accommodate up to 1,000 students along with housing facilities for students and teachers.

Mir Alam calls on officials of government and security forces that now a complete peace in Bara tehsil has been restored, therefore, there is need to reopen market and seminary and solve the problems faced by the local people.

Atta Ullah, president of the Pakistan Awami Inqilabi League, a tribal district political party, said that the tribal people are fond to get worldly education as well as religious teachings. If the madrassa is opened in Qambarabad, people will be able to enter and receive religious education.

He said that religious seminaries have also been opened in Bara Bazaar and Tirah valley, therefore; this seminary should also be opened for the people who have suffered a lot due to war and militancy in the tribal belt.

Atta Ullah said that it will enhance economic activities along with religious education as there are hundreds of shops. “The opening of seminary and market will not only enable people to get Islamic education but it will have a positive impact on business and economy in the area,” informed Atta Ullah.

Thus, he requested the government and security forces to reopen Jamia Hashmiyah al-Mashor Qamarabad Madrassah, located on the borders of Bara Bazar and Shalobar tribe so that the tribal people’s sense of deprivation can be removed.