Political Reforms in FATA
Harassment of Tribal people continues under FCR

PESHAWAR: The district administrations of erstwhile Fata continue to harass and arrest tribal people under abolished black law Frontier Crimes Regulations.

Administration of Jamrud tehsil of Khyber tribal district has recently threatened Khatiakhel tribe to hand over a prisoner, who escaped from local jail, within five days or else their markets would be demolished. Prisoner identified as Haji Akbar escaped from the jail. He was imprisoned for killing a Khasadar personnel.

Elders of the tribe convened a Jirga and agreed to hand over the prisoner and they did. Threat by the district administration created fears and drew condemnation from lawyers and locals.

“The federal government has, though, abolished FCR but added collective responsibility clause in the Interim Regulation Ordinance,” said senior lawyer Farhad Afridi.

He said that people of tribal areas were deceived in name of Fata Reforms and would still be dealt under this regulation.

The lawyer said that IRO would make lives of tribal people a living hell like that of FCR. “It seems collective responsibility rules will remain intact even after reforms are implemented,” he fears. He stressed for introducing news laws for the tribal areas.