PESHAWAR: Harim Khan, 19, is struggling to become star of Pashtu music despite shrinking space for female singers in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Hailing from Nowshera district, she wants to sing quality songs and polish her skills by learning from experienced teachers. Harim is a college student who started singing last year and so far has sung a dozen of songs that are available on Youtube.

“People like my voice and I receive appreciation and encouragement from my listeners ,” she commented, adding that support of her family members and friends always encouraged her to excel in her profession.

Talking to TNN, she said she would listen to Nazia Iqbal and other famous Pashtu singers since her childhood and would dream to sing like them.

“I always dreamed to become a singer,” she said, adding she wanted to get fame for singing quality songs. Now a disciple of musician Nazir Gul Ustad, she did not learn singing from anyone in beginning and would try herself.

She faced resistance from her mother who wanted her to complete education and get a job in a bank. “But I am born to be a singer not a banker,” she said. She had sung some ghazals and wants to improve singing of ghazal.

Talking about problems in music industry, she said some people tried to sexually abuse and, “when I resisted they threatened me with dire consequences but I never lost courage.”

She also advised other young singers to beware of such dirty people in music industry and only focus on singing.

“All young female singers should focus on quality and hardwork if they want to succeed in this industry and a day will come that they would gain worldwide fame,” she said.