LOWER DIR: An influential family has allegedly shaved the head of a 12-year-old orphan girl working in the house where she was working as domestic help.

The grandfather of the victim girl sent her to orphanage due to the fear of further repercussions. The grandfather also recorded statement with the orphanage, but reneged on his statement after the previous statement went viral on the social media and declared the girl mentally ill.

According to details, an elderly person brought his 12-year-old orphan granddaughter to orphanage in Lower Dir’s Jandol area ‘Dar-e-Umar’. The orphanage administrator and founder Maulana Ziaul Haq Haideri said the girl’s grandfather, a woman and three more girls also came to the orphanage with her and her head was shaved.

The grandfather of the girl also gave an interview to Maulana Ziaul Haq in which he stated that the father of the girl has died and she used to work at a house of influential family. He further stated that the girl’s head was shaved due to some ‘unavoidable circumstances’ and her life was also in danger due to which he decided to bring her to the orphanage.

Maulana Ziaul Haq said the grandfather of the girl was in tears while recording his statement and handed over the girl to the orphanage.

The video of the elderly person went viral on the social media which drew reaction of the civil society and people started making demands for justice for the victim girl.

However, later on, due to some unexplained reasons, the grandfather changed his statement. The elderly person said his granddaughter was not mentally sound. The mother of the girl also recorded the statement in official record that the hair of the girl were in very bad shape and they decided to shave her head to improve the condition of the hair.

However, commentators on the social media believe that the poor family has been forced to change its statement. It has been alleged that the family was intimidated to change statement to avoid further repercussions. They have demanded justice for the victim girl.

The grandfather of the girl hasn’t provided the required documents to the orphanage so far.