PESHAWAR, 28 July: World Hepatitis day was observed today on Thursday with an aim to give hope to people suffering from different types of hepatitis that the disease is curable.

Besides, the day is being observed to create awareness among public about the disease and prevent a possible outbreak.

Dr. Abbas Khattak, a hepatologist at the Lady Reading Hospital, Peshawar while talking to TNN said that hepatitis is no more incurable.

“Hepatitis B and C can be cured with tablets,” the doctor said and added its treatment could cost upto Rs35,000.

He suggested that hepatitis-B vaccines should be administered for prior protection.

Dr. Khattak maintained that there are five types of hepatitis: A, B, C ,D and E, which usually spread due to contaminated water, unhygienic environment, reusing already used syringes and from the spit of a hepatitis patient.

“People should avoid using each other’s tooth brush. Men should use personal razor for shaving,” he maintained.

He further said that people should not worry about the disease. “Tuberculoses can be cured in nine months while hepatitis can be cured with a regular treatment of six months,” he explained.